Class Gifts

I forgot to take pictures of all the gifts that we created this year but here are a few! Breakfast in Bed Bags! Students made Mother’s Day Bags.  The left picture shows how students draw a picture of their mom, choose a blanket paper and add the cute poem.  Then they place a pretty napkin,…

Fun with Literature

These are just a few examples of how we enjoyed literature this year! Every year we have so much fun with this book Elmer by David McKee. After reading the story and discussing the importance of being ourselves, we had our own elephant parade.  Each child created their own elephant puppet.  We marched around the…

Character Day

I dressed up as Purplicious this year.  Not really one of my favorite books but as a challenge for a fundraiser, I had to wear a purple wig.  So I reused it for character day!

“A Colorful Tear”

“A Colorful Tear” Poem by Heidi Johnson Illustration and title by Allison M.   I cry a colorful tear today for the weary and souls I mislay. Judging thoughts flirt behind my sweet smile. The tug of my rights, I often weigh.   Absence of color all becomes grey. We all take flight from His…

Welcome Design

  Next to my classroom door, I display this welcome design. Each child has a first initial letter on the tree with their name on it!  I have been using this design for years but it never grows old.  Maybe it is because Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault) is a…

The Best Kind of Literature!

In my quest to encourage kindness in my classroom this year, I have searched for and found some new books and activities to share with my students!

Five Steps To A Kinder Kindergarten

If I could create my perfect kindergarten world, it would be filled with engaging centers in a stimulating and welcoming environment. Children would create, investigate, role play and learn through play. There would be plenty of time in the schedule to allow students to make choices about their learning instead of scheduling every minute of their day


I am excited to display my newest blessings character, Skippy!  Skippy is my dog; however he is also the character in my newest activity.  In Skippy’s Super Sight Word Search, students will search for Skippy’s buried bones.  They will read the words and then write them in his treat jar.  Go to TPT for more…

Sketchbook Journaling

I’m hooked on this Sketchbook Journaling thing.  I had a fabulous instructor, Don Brandes at Ringling.  He is also a well known, local artist in Sarasota. Here are a few sketches from my journal.  A watercolor painting/pencil drawing of my dessert and one of local foliage from the Royal Poinciana Tree.  I plan to share…


Here is my latest work painted in photoshop.  First, I painted my dog Skip in a plain background.  Then, I overlayed a texture and cloned the texture on his collar.  I love my little boy!  Hope you enjoy it!